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Ski-Quiz Afterski (Norwegian, E-book)

Ski-Quiz Afterski (Norwegian, E-book)

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24 February 2021 yet another World Championship in Nordic Skiing was underway. This is an updated Afterski version of our marvellous trivia book concerning the World Championship. How much do you know about cross country, ski jumping, and Nordic combined, as well as Norwegian and foreign merits?

The pub quiz may be enjoyed on your own, or accompanied by friends and family.

If you want to increase the difficulty level you might try to answer without looking at the options provided. This is entirely your own choice. You will probably not be able to find the correct answer to every question, but your aim should be to combine fun and entertainment with exercising your brain. If you come across a difficult question, put it to the back of your mind whilst moving down the list, and perhaps the answer will come to you in time.

Author: Thomas Flaaten Fredriksen
Released: 2021
Price: kr 9,-